How to make money from youtube with interesting tips

How to make money from youtube with interesting tips - in the article this time I will discuss how to make money from youtube with interesting tips, before stepping to get money from youtube, first we what language it's youtube why can we get money from youtube.

YouTube is a place where many videos circulating, as well as a place where we can share our videos and watch the results of the work of interesting people, a variety of videos there are on youtube like amateur videos, music, movie, animation, tv and video clips " Another interesting and strange all there from youtube.

YouTube itself is based in San Bruno, California. This site has a lot of people become successful with making videos that they upload to the site Youtube.

How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
a youtubers usually just upload their own video content, but some youtubers have also ordered, as well as music vevo a famous music companies, and corporate video editor, some companies like this working on their projects together.

How to get money from youtube?

become a partner of youtube is it interesting to get parts as youtubers so they can earn an income from the results of the video uploads. YouTube alone has purchased google in november 2006.

to get money from youtube and become a youtube partner, you must sign up first to google adsense. for how to list him, refer to the following :

  • Click the CREATOR STUDIO on your youtube profile.
How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • After that you will be redirected view features of youtube, you can see the picture below.
  How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • like the picture above 1. Click the channel, 2. your status feeatures, 3. here if you haven't vertifikasi, please vertifikasi it first using your phone number, after that you 4. Click the Enable Monetization options.
  • When you click enable, you will be directed to the option Status just click the Enable Monetization of My account.
  • going out a form agreement. just check all and click i accept.
 How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • After your Monetization active status then you sign up for Google AdSense.
  • you will see a notification on your channel, click the my account link.
How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • you will be directed to the google AdSense website. click sign in to sign in using your google account to your youtube or you can use the new google account by clicking the Create Account.
  • Google adsense as your Google media holding Bank, the result of your video Monetization of their money will be accommodated here.
  • If it is there you Login is obligated to fill the data yourself. Fill out the appropriate ID you easily while receiving Google Adsense Pin while taking his money and also at the post.
How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • If it is, register on Google Adsense, please wait for an approval email that is sent to your google account, with a notice "your account has been fully approved". If denied means your youtube account has not met the requirements for google adsense or any existing video dichannel you violate the google adsense policies.
  • If approved, the information in the following ways. to associate your video for Monetization. You can get to the video manager options, or to edit your videos.
 How to make money from youtube with interesting tips
  • You'll see Monetization, select it and click save. up here the video you've been successful in Monetization to get money from youtube.
    Interesting tips for you, in order to become a true youtubers and add to the coffers of your money on google adsense, as well as the policy does not violate the youtube of what you upload. check out some of the following tips:
    • as a youtubers there are times when we get it, the policies that exist on youtube. the following tips may be useful for you.

    #1. Upload Video from a recording of smartphone ?

    Since the appearance of the android smartphones so getting crowded and sophisticated will be the application, to simply record a video with the simple, the smartphone is the best choice especially as partners youtubers, why use HP can get money from YouTube ?

    why, because youtube is more fond of you as partners instead of the original video menguload from the duplicat content, so here you can just become famous. examples of just some of them famous, funny cat video Genesis recorded unintentionally could produce thousands even millions of viewrs. the most famous examples is also currently is a video dubsmahs.

    dubsmash is a funny result video-facial lucuan facial combined with funny voices. so draw the audience to look at it, it is not uncommon to many of the upload so that it becomes well-known outside as well as on youtube. a lot of things that you can do by simply using a camera phone, you can become rich and famous youtubers.

    of course with the creative and interesting videos, events that make you famous in your youtube channel is also the amateur video from HP, an interesting video and incident that suddenly occurs is difficult unexpected matter much less unusual.

    This amateur video of many who watch, people will be interested and intrigued with some of events that inadvertently recorded by a camera phone, the examples here are sightings of ghosts, UFO sightings, sightings of strange creatures, even the Genesis an accident unexpectedly also watched, as the fall of tree possibly, the lightning grabbed people etc. All can be done to get money from youtube.

    #2. creative video editing?

    for this one, you can use a simple video editor alone if at all possible you less versed will feature video editor, you can use software such as video maker default windows 7 or my own regular use is Wondershare Video The editor I think the video editor is very simple and easy to use.

    the result can be either video mp4, avi and many more could add another interesting effect-effect. Tips from profit cut video, you can use the software's video editor that there are parts to cut-through rate on video, to cut the video doesn't have to be with the video editors I think, there is one video player you can do also like VLC MEDIA PLAYER.

    VLC MEDIA PLAYER features to record video Division that watched the video into pieces so that per part, you can get started by downloading this software and enable the feature in the VIEW menu-ADVANCED CONTROLS. These tips I have used for a long duration, video recording tips and cut it in VLC MEDIA PLAYER it makes me get away from the duplicat content.

    It should be you know, if you want to play with third-party content, try looking for a video that lasts long and then cut it using VLC MEDIA PLAYER. set as per the video part. and you can menguploadnya to youtube with multiple titles.

    examples of Titles here, harry potter the movie #part 1, harry potter the movie #part 2, #part the movie harry potter 3 and to complete your set as per part. These tips to avoid copyright content. but nevertheless some of them mengclaim with audio visual content that cannot be avoided, use one of the potent yaa you must replace with the music escapes copyright content.

    #3. uploading video tutorials HOW TO?

    video HOW TO prefix or the "how" of "how to", the more vocabulary to search "how to", people will be looking for a prefix with the word on youtube. Why? because they do not know what they are doing so from that they look for the solution in order to find out how.

    This video is much sought after, even according to your own youtube searches with the keyword this most frequently people search on youtube, you can start with a simple thing many videos HOW TO simple can get millions of viewrs, then often video tutorials is a great choice for people looking for it on youtube.

    Tips how you start it, you can see other people's video tutorials and then you study it and start practicing if you already know, you try to record and upload their videos, this is also your own original video and youtube also like it.

    #4. upload your video using BANDICAM ?

    bandicam software is software used for recording screen activity from your computer monitor, you can do the creative dikomputer you and then menguploadnya, i.e. create a photoshop design tutorials, make internet tips and tutorials, make a tutorial video effect dlln.

    the most interesting of BANDICAM is you can record a video game you play, this is an attractive option for recording, video games much liked people even to the adults also liked it, Tips from me try record latest games and updated, video games that are currently most watched on youtube is a game from ROCKSTAR GAMES namely GTA V.

    the game is the best option for original video you upload your own characteristic and make you famous, few outsiders even get millions of vewrs until they become famous and well known, one of them an outsider known for video game on youtube CHANNEL is PEWDIEPIE.

    you try seacrh on google with that name surely youtube very know him. you can see it on youtube with the words channelnya PEWDIEPIE if you don't believe how much subscribe people who follow him and how many people are watching a video He uploaded.

    Tips to become a youtube partner channel by building quality content ?

    quality is the main capital to become a partner of youtubers, whatever you have to do in order to make your quality content and interesting to watch other people.
    • CHANNEL, try to build the channel with professionals and with keywords that match your videos, for example you want to create a channel about gamers, try to make that as attractive as possible. do not attempt to mix stir your CHANNEL with videos in addition to the games, has the logo and cover an interesting channel anyway based on the category of the videos you uploaded.
    • VIDEO THUMBNAIL, the thumbnail is also a way early so that people clicking on your video and create an interest to people to watch it. try making something interesting with pictures and thumbnails to your channel logo include the quality of each VIDEO THUMBNAIL.
    • The TITLE of the VIDEO, the title is also the first step in order for your video content being watched, try with titles that are interesting to watch, simply try it you become a spectator you will see video with a headings and you click and Watch it. How do you interested from there you have to berifikir to get a quality title that makes other people interested, just imagine you are a person who wants to watch your videos from there you can specify the title what makes you interested and exciting as well as quality.
    • TAGS and descriptions, this is also not less pentingnnya for optimizing your videos in the youtube search, try entering your title tag and the name of your channel, so that on people watch your video there will be a list of youtube videos on the right that leads to to your video.
    • ANNOTATION, this is an application of the internal links on your video when played. its also so that the audience can terarahkan to your other videos, with descriptions that appear in the video, usually internal placement of this link at the time of impressions in the middle of the video and at the end of the video, you can make it on the editor description your youtube videos, there will be a menu named ANNOTATIAN you can set the start and end as well as the duration in which this external link description to appear.
    Things that are not easily going to be easy, try to trying and don't give up, become a partner of youtubers I think not too hard like be a bloggers. a lot of things that you can upload there and get money from youtube.

    in this way so that you quickly accepted in adsense and do not need to create a gmail account or accounts new youtube channel recently.

    You can add some channel of course and starting to Monetization, I do not know exactly how the limits of the channel that you can make on youtube in one account. I currently have 10 new channel with 1 account. and all can be diMonetization. Maybe my post this time so hopefully the tips above can make you famous youtubers and get results that satisfied and successful in the field of adsense youtube ^_^., thank you.

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